Why USPS is giving its customers more freedom with its prepaid envelope labels

When USPS decided to put more envelopes on its website, many of the label options were less appealing to customers.

The company was forced to make more choices.

Now, the USPS is starting to offer a new prepaid envelope label that lets customers choose between a regular or padded shipping envelope label.

The new label allows USPS customers to print their own label, print a custom one on a sheet of paper and put it on a prepaid envelope.

Customers will also be able to print a design on the envelope, print it on the label and then print a photo of the design on a custom envelope that they can attach to the label.

Customers will be able also choose a shipping address and a zip code from the address fields on the prepaid envelope as well as the USPS tracking number.

Customs also can choose from several other design options, including the word “CALIFORNIA,” a small circle, a heart and an arrow, among others.

Custom mailers can also order custom labels for any size envelope.

“Customers are going to be able choose from a wide variety of designs and can customize their labels to suit their needs,” said Michael Toden, an associate professor of business administration at Washington State University.

There are also other changes to the USPS label format, including a new font that is available for printing.

Custom labels are also more affordable, about $10 more than an average USPS label.

Customers can print one in two hours.

USPS also is working to improve its online ordering process, which is often slow.

Other changes include the inclusion of a special address field in the new label, allowing customers to write their name, mailing address and phone number and put them on the box.

Custom customers can also choose to pay for the service with a prepaid fee that is added to their bill.