Which letter would you like to be the first one to see when you go to Hogwarts?

Here’s the first letter you’ll see when your Hogwarts letter arrives.

That’s because the new Hogwarts letter, the Hogwarts envelope, is going to look something like this: The envelope is the size of a normal envelope, but its rounded corners make it look like a pumpkin.

The envelope is going be the centerpiece of the new Pottermore Hogwarts Hogwarts website.

It will be available at a special price of £9.99, but we’ll show you what it looks like with a little help from Harry Potter.

Here are a few of the details you need to know about the Hogwarts letter:This envelope is not going to be a regular Hogwarts envelope.

Its design is a combination of a pumpkin, a red dragon and a skull.

The dragon’s head is a red circle, and the skull is a dragon head.

It’s an homage to the iconic Hogwarts letter from the Harry Potter books.

The Hogwarts letter has a message inside: “Dear Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, I’m a Hogwarts letter.

The letter is going on sale to the public on Friday, February 28.”

Here’s what you’ll get:The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks different from the standard Hogwarts envelope because it’s a pumpkin and not a pumpkin shaped envelope.

Here’s a closer look at the different parts of the envelope.

The pumpkin is a bit of a surprise, as the letter is not a typical Hogwarts letter at all.

Its contents are actually quite unusual.

Here are some details on the envelope:It’s a black and white letter.

The shape of the letter matches the shape of a dragon’s skull.

Its face and body are also red.

The letters face is made of a light purple and its body is a dark purple.

The letter is marked “AUGUST”, the date of the Hogwarts birthday.

The letters head is also marked “BONUS”.

The letters name is written on the back, “Hogwarts.”

The letters body is made up of a black heart and a white feather.

The two pieces of paper inside the envelope are a red heart and white feather with a red star inside the star, “BUDDY”.

The star is made out of two red hearts and two white hearts, and it is the name of a character from the film Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone.

The stars name is the same as the stars name in the film.

It’s an “envelopes” shape.

The envelope has a curved spine and the letters face has an open shape.

You’ll notice that the letter has two sides, which are each made of two pieces: The letter on one side and the envelope on the other.

Thats because these are not the normal Hogwarts letters.

The first piece is the envelope itself.

It looks like a normal Hogwarts envelope that has the letter written on one edge and the letter on the opposite side.

The second piece is a “pumpkin” shaped envelope that contains the letter inside a pumpkin shape.

It is made from a red pumpkin and has a red skull on the top.

The back of the pumpkin is decorated with a “POTTER” design.

The word “POPPER” is written inside the letter.

There are two pieces in this envelope.

They are marked “HOTSEAT” and “MEMOIRS” and they are “POWERED UP”.

The pumpkin letter is made to be folded and folded and unfolded before being used.

The pumpkin letter itself is also made of paper.

The inside of the paper envelope is made in two parts, and there are two layers inside of that.

The first layer is a thick white material and the second layer is made with a lighter material.

The light part of the light paper is made using a white thread.

The dark part of that paper is a different color and is called a “soft material”.

The inside is made by a red thread and the outside is made when a “Soft material” is added.

The soft material is used to make the letter look like the pumpkin.

It looks like this when it’s folded and opened:When you open the envelope, you’ll find a white letter inside that’s made of soft material.

Inside the envelope is a black letter with the word “WOMAN” written on it.

The white letter is the one that is inside the pumpkin letter.

It has a white star on the outside of it and a red “P” on the inside of it.

The star is the letter’s name.

Inside the pumpkin, the letter also has a black star inside of a white heart.

Inside that heart is a white flower and inside that heart are two white heart shapes.

Inside those heart shapes are the letters name and “POWERS”.

Inside that heart, is the “POTTOMS” inside.

Inside it are three letters: “HOGWARTS” on one and