‘This is a big deal’: Trump’s transition team is preparing for ‘nuclear envelope’ election campaign

The next president of the United States will need to be an experienced commander in chief.

That’s the message President Donald Trump sent to the American people Tuesday when he launched a new campaign slogan, “We the People.”

“If I have to ask, what’s your top priority for our country?”

Trump said during an address at the U.S. Capitol.

“It’s nuclear envelope.

It’s nuclear-armed envelope.

And it’s an envelope that can be filled with your personal information.””

The American people will know that they’re not being forgotten,” he added.

In a statement, Trump said the slogan is intended to “bring Americans together” and to “give our country back to its people.”

“We are asking the American public to unite behind our country, and we will not be stopped,” he said.

Trump was asked about the slogan during an appearance on MSNBC.

He said he didn’t know exactly what the campaign slogan meant.

“It’s a little bit of a joke,” he replied.

Trump has used the slogan before.

On July 20, he tweeted, “I am asking you to vote for the candidate who will make America great again.”

He then tweeted, “‘We the people’ is the slogan that has always been the cornerstone of our political system.”

The slogan “We The People” was coined by John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Trump, who has said that the slogan “was born out of a desire to get our country to be great again,” said the election will be a “big deal” for his administration.

“We have an incredible, tremendous team.

And the message is ‘We the Americans,’ ” Trump said.

“I’m going to make America GREAT again.”

Trump has said he is going to “win” the election by winning the popular vote.

But many voters in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and elsewhere say they won’t be voting for him because of concerns about hacking and voter fraud.