The US Postal Service Priority Envelope is now available in Spanish

The US Post Office is now offering Spanish-language mail services.

Priority Envelssees are sent out to residents in the US and Puerto Rico who receive Priority Mail, Priority Express, and Priority Express Express Priority Mail services.

The postal service says it will launch Spanish-based Priority Enveys in the coming months.

The service was originally announced in December, but the rollout was delayed for more than a year.

The Postal Service’s Priority Envoy program has been criticized by some for its lax oversight, and the rollout has been plagued by delays.

The agency announced the update on Wednesday.

“The Postal Service is excited to introduce Spanish-speaking Priority Envoys for the 2018 fiscal year, which will deliver more personalized mail to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as to the entire United States,” the USPS said in a statement.

The new services are expected to increase the volume of mail to those areas and boost overall delivery.

The USPS added that the new Spanish-branded services are available to all US residents who have Priority Mail.

“As we look to continue delivering mail that is personalized and timely, we know that we need to continue partnering with our customers to deliver this personalized mail in Spanish, as we look for new ways to reach the more than 11 million people who live in Puerto Rico,” USPS CEO Michael Werbach said in the statement.

The USPS is also adding Spanish-only mail services to its Priority Mail service.

The Post Office announced in October that it would expand Spanish-dominant Priority Mail to Puerto Ricans, including those who live on the island of Guam.