The New York Times editorial: How Trump is destroying the world

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump is doing what he knows best: pushing his agenda at a time when he is unpopular with his own party and with the public at large.

He is making sure the American people know that he is not just talking about his agenda, he is also taking action on their behalf, and he has already made some moves that will make a difference.

The Times editorial board has been calling for Trump to resign and for Senate Republicans to take control of the Senate.

The paper is no stranger to political turmoil.

Last fall, the paper warned that Trump’s behavior would make Republicans “a pariah in the Senate and in the Republican Party.”

The paper has consistently advocated for the impeachment of Trump since at least February.

But the editorial board’s focus is more about Trump’s actions than about the consequences of his actions.

We have a president who is pushing an agenda that will harm our economy, our nation and our values.

We have a leader who is reckless, who recklessly makes reckless decisions, who thinks he is above the law and who is willing to use his power to try to undermine a system of checks and balances.

He’s using his office to make things worse for himself and his family, and for his supporters, by obstructing justice and destroying the integrity of the FBI and the investigation into his campaign.

Trump is undermining our democracy.

He needs to go.

His actions are putting our country and our economy in grave jeopardy, undermining the integrity and trust in our government, and putting our allies, our allies abroad, and our allies in our midst at risk.

This president is not fit to serve as commander-in-chief.

As the Times editorial boards have written, “President Trump is a dangerous figure whose erratic behavior has damaged the United States and has caused deep concern around the world.”

He is a danger to the republic that we all share, including the United Kingdom and the United Nations.

I urge the House to hold hearings on President Trump’s obstruction of justice charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn and other officials, and to hold him to account for his actions and for the damage they have done to the United State and our country.

I urge the Senate to hold an oversight hearing on his conduct, which has led to the loss of national security and to the destabilization of our democracy and the world.