The best smartphone apps to send a text to an emoji

An emoji is a character representing a single word or symbol.

You can use emoji in most messaging apps, but the only way to send an emoji is through the phone app itself.

If you don’t want to mess with emoji, here are a few apps that let you use emoji and a few that let the emoji itself come to life.

The Verge reviewed three emoji-themed apps: one for iPhone, one for Android, and one for iPad.

We used the app to send the text, “Hi, I’m your boss!”

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Android emoji app To send a single emoji using the Android emoji client, you can download an emoji file, which is basically a picture of the emoji that you want to send, in case you want a different emoji version of the same emoji.

To do this, open the emoji file and choose Send Emoji File.

The file contains a number of emoji files, which can be downloaded and used as you wish.

To send the emoji, you just have to choose one and choose it as your emoji file.

To open an emoji, tap the icon in the upper-right corner.

Once you tap it, the app will take you to the emoji viewer.

To see the file, swipe left to reveal the file drawer.

You’ll need to open the file to open it.

You will need to download the file manually.

If the file is too big to open in a tab, it will open in the default app.

To use an emoji with your emoji, swipe right to show the emoji and tap on it.

To show the file on the screen, swipe down to show a preview.

Tap the image of the icon and hold it down until it shows a white circle, which means it’s ready for use.

Android app To use emoji with the Android app, you first need to install an app called Emoji Hub.

This app is part of Google’s new emoji service, which allows you to use the emoji you already have in your phone.

The Emoji app is also a part of the Android OS.

Once installed, the Emoji hub app will allow you to send and receive emoji with all of your existing emojis.

To get started, tap on the icon on the top-left corner of the screen and select Send Emojes.

Once this is done, tap Send to send your emoji to your friends.

You should see a notification pop up asking you to accept or decline the emoji.

The emoji will appear in your inbox with an emoji icon in it.

When you receive the emoji in your notification, you’ll see an emoji that looks like the one on the left.

To reply to an emojeme, tap Reply on the notification.

The message will be sent to your message.

If your emoji is not available, it won’t show up in your reply.

Tap Send again and it will take another emoji picture and reply with that emoji.

If it’s unavailable, you may need to search for it in your emoji library.

To view the emoji with other emoji, just tap on its name and you can see how many people have it.

The icons on the right side of the app show you which emojemes have the most emoji.

As you send and reply, the number of people who have it increases.

To save a photo, tap Save.

Once the emoji is ready, you have to tap Save again to save it.

If any of the emojes you have are missing, they will not be saved.

You may have to go to the notification settings to see if they have been added.

To turn on notifications, tap Set up notifications and turn off the ones you don´t want.

If they don´T have notifications, you will need them to respond to them.

To read the text of the message, swipe up on the emoji to reveal it.

In case you don�t want to read it, you might also need to tap the message’s title to show its title and the sender.

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iPhone emoji app The iPhone emoji client is similar to the Android version.

Once your iPhone has been updated, the emoji app will automatically download the newest emoji, which you can then use to send text.

To download an iOS emoji, open a file on your iPhone, tap it and select Emoji from the menu at the top.

You need to select the appropriate emoji file in the list.

If a file is not included, you need to go into the Emojemode Viewer to download it.

This will show the files on your device, which will show all of the files that you have installed.

Tap on a file to show it in the Emoticons view