How to make a perfect, handcrafted, pillow case

When you’re looking for a pillow case that you can carry anywhere, you’re probably going to want to look at the best ones out there.Here are 10 ways to make one of these unique, hand-crafted items.1.The Handmade Case for the SmartphoneThe pillow case is usually the last piece of your pillow case.When you buy a […]

How to fold an email to a folded envelope

When you’re not writing an email, there’s nothing better than a folded one to save you time.So how do you fold an envelopes in one sitting?The easiest way to fold a folded email is to take a few minutes to do it yourself, according to Dr. Sarah Babbitt, assistant professor of pediatrics at University of […]

What’s in your gift to your dog?

By the time you open your Christmas card or mail it to your pup, you’re likely to have an extra few dollars tucked away in there somewhere.For many dog owners, the amount they receive for a dog is a gift in and of itself.For some, it’s more of a thank you, or it’s a treat, […]