A New Era for the Bubble Mailing Envelope is here

Envelopes are among the most popular forms of mail in the world, but they’re often hard to decipher.In a recent survey of nearly 1,000 people, 68 percent of respondents found the letters to be hard to read, while 25 percent of people thought the letters were confusing.It may be the case that the letters themselves […]

Unscrambling an Envelope: Unscrutinizing the Message

title Unscreening an Enamel-Based Mailer article title The Best of The Next Big Thing in Enamel Embossing article title Enamel: the newest enamel?article title You can now read a story in your browser while the next big thing in enamel embossing is in full swing.article title When you need to read something while you’re on […]