How to Design an Envelope for Your Home

A2 enveloped definitions and a2 envelope sizes are both widely used to define and ship envelopes for home delivery, but they can have different effects on how much the contents of an envelope is delivered.The A2 envelope size is typically defined by the thickness of the envelope, the width of the opening, and the size […]

When did we get the christmas envelope?

There are several ways to make a Christmas card.There’s the classic cardboard, the handmade one, and then there’s an envelope.The latter is a slightly different process, since you need a special package of envelopes. Here are the three most common forms of the Christmas envelope.The classic cardboard Christmas card, with a cardboard insert. The handmade cardboard Christmas […]

What’s in your gift to your dog?

By the time you open your Christmas card or mail it to your pup, you’re likely to have an extra few dollars tucked away in there somewhere.For many dog owners, the amount they receive for a dog is a gift in and of itself.For some, it’s more of a thank you, or it’s a treat, […]