Why Bubble Shipping Envelopes Are So Cool

It’s a bit of a mystery why a brand like Bubble Shipping would want to make such a cute and easy product.The idea, it seems, was to make a package that would fit into a pocket and look cute, but it turned out to be a hit.But the company has been getting attention recently, thanks […]

Why are the secret messages on the envelope secret?

Secret envelopes are a classic way to protect sensitive information from unwanted attention.But what if there was a way to hide them from prying eyes?The answer is in a new research paper published in Science by two researchers from the University of Southern California, who have created a method that creates a digital mask for […]

How to make white envelopes: From science to art

The art of white envelopers is not an esoteric science, but it is something that has evolved over centuries of people using them.White envelopes are now being made in many different styles and styles, and a few have been designed specifically for science.But for most of us, science is the primary source of our scientific […]