More ESPN airmail envelopes arrive for NFL teams: ESPN

More NFL teams will soon have new, personalized mailboxes for fans, with ESPN announcing on Wednesday it has begun rolling out mailboxes to all NFL teams for their players to use.

The first mailboxes will roll out to teams in late January, followed by a second wave in early February, ESPN reported.

The company is currently rolling out the mailboxes in a handful of markets, but the new system is expected to be more widespread.

The move to a personalized mail system is a welcome development for teams and fans.

It comes just weeks after the league began allowing fans to send personalized mail to their team members via its social media platforms, a move that was widely seen as a step in the right direction for fans and a win for the league.

The new personalized mail systems are expected to save teams money by eliminating the need to print postage stamps and the costs associated with printing postage, and allow teams to send fans the personalized mail they want in a way that is easy to follow.

The process is far simpler and cheaper than going through a physical mail slot.

The mailboxes are designed to look and feel similar to an actual mailbox, but are designed specifically for players to keep track of their mail as they travel to and from the field.

They are also intended to be simple to open and close, allowing fans a more personalized experience with the mail as it travels through the system.

The teams will use the personalized box for mailings from January 1 through February 9, with additional mailboxes coming online from February 16 through February 26.

The system is designed to make it easier for fans to be sure their mail is receiving the mail they paid for and that they are receiving the same type of personalized mail that they paid to receive, according to a company blog post.

The company has also started working with the NFLPA to make sure teams have a mail system they can trust, and the system is set to roll out with the teams next year.