How to write a beautiful handwriting note with a simple brush

A quick note from your mother, if you will.

Or a handwritten note to your boyfriend.

Or to yourself.

Or even a letter to your best friend.

But, I know I’ve been told many times that writing letters is more fun and easier than writing a note.

So here’s my advice for you: write a note with just a pen.

I know you’re not ready to start the process of writing a letter, but I promise you it will be worth it.

I’ve spent years writing handwritten letters and I can tell you how much they help me write a message more effectively. 

Here are some tips to get you started.

You need a pen that will allow you to write the letters with ease and control. 

A pen that won’t cause any smudges, and that won. 

When writing on a pad, it’s best to write down the word that you want to spell out. 

If you want a handwriting template, check out The Simple Pen Pen by The Pen & Paper Company for free online. 

It’s a good pen for your notebook or notebook pad. 

You should write a word in all caps, with the first letter in lowercase and the second letter in uppercase. 

This way, it won’t get confused with the other letters in the note. 

I’ve written a note for my mom in all capitals, but if I wanted to write it in lower case, I would write it with the second word in lower-case, not the first. 

Write the first word as it appears in your handwriting. 

“Hello,” I write to my mom when she walks in the door, every time.

“How are you doing?” 

I have this strange habit of saying, “Hello,” to my wife when she’s in the bathroom.

I think she’s cute, but she doesn’t think I’m crazy, so I write back, “How is it?” 

Write it on your letterhead. 

The best way to make sure your handwriting is perfect is to write your words in all capital letters on your home page, including your own name, address, and phone number. 

Keep the rest of the note blank. 

Sometimes I feel like my letters are too long, and I just want them to be as simple as possible. 

But if you have a lot of writing on your page, I recommend taking a look at this list to make your own handwriting template. 

Try to write on your pad or notebook page as if you were writing a message to yourself, rather than a letter. 

For your phone number, write your phone in the middle of the first, middle or last letters of the phone number and write the rest as if it were a text message. 

Make sure your letters are spaced out, too. 

Always, always, write the letter at least a few inches apart. 

Don’t over write your letters. 

There’s nothing worse than reading a long letter and seeing your writing appear to be on top of the rest. 

Take your time, but be careful not to write too much or you will end up with a mess. 

In a perfect world, you’ll have everything written out on your writing pad or laptop or on your wall, and you’ll be able to see the result in a couple of days. 

To start writing a handwritten letter, just write down a word or two from your name and the address you want written out, and then add the rest with a short sentence that describes what you’re trying to say. 

Find your perfect sentence. 

What are you trying to write? 

You might want to say something like, “Hi, I’m your mom.” 

“Hi, how are you?” 

“I’m very excited to be a part of your journey.” 

If it’s something you feel passionate about, say something about it. 

Give yourself permission to stop and take a breath before writing your final word. 

And if you don’t have enough space, use a pen to mark out your note and mark where you’ve placed your letter.