How much is the Kraft mailbag worth?

The envelopes in question, marked as a $2.99 package, came with a handwritten message that read: “I am a junk mail junk mail.

I have never received any mail.

You have my undying gratitude.

Please keep me posted on any news.


According to the USPS, these packages are a violation of federal mail fraud laws, and a criminal investigation is underway.

In a statement to CNN, the company said: “Kraft does not knowingly collect, market or distribute any mail, which is illegal under federal law.

Kraft does not collect, sell or otherwise dispose of mail.

It has been over four years since we stopped mailing mail, and we do not plan to again.

Kraft’s policy is to stop shipping mail to people who have failed to provide proof of identity.

We are investigating the matter.”

The Krafts apologized to the families of the victims in a statement, writing: “We want to apologize for the mistake that we made.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and wish them every success in this process.

The people who made this mistake did not know our policy and we did not follow our own procedures to ensure that the mail was not returned to them.”