‘Dire’ Dara O Briain: Ireland’s most feared player is a hero for Ireland

RTE 1 / 4 The Dara Croft’s name will be etched into Irish history and footballing folklore forever.

Source: News Corp Australia 2 / 4 Irish legend Dara Dermott has been the face of Ireland’s greatest ever side.

Source the Irish Times 3 / 4 Dara’s career started when he was a youngster with the Dubliners.

Source RTE 4 / 4 This photo was taken in 1978.

Source News Corp A photo of Dara in his youth in Dublin was featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dara was born in Tullytown, Dublin, in the 1920s, and spent most of his early life with his family.

At 16 he joined the Dublin club as a striker, and in 1923 was promoted to full-back.

His breakthrough season came in 1926-27 when he played the full 90 minutes for Dublin against the then top-flight Cork City.

A year later, he was picked in the squad for the World Cup in Italy, where he was the best player on his side.

He played just one game in the tournament, a 2-0 defeat to Belgium.

But, as a 19-year-old, he became the first Irish footballer to score a hat-trick in an international match.

Dermott’s exploits earned him a place in the European Cup in 1930 and he was named Player of the Tournament in 1931.

Dermot Mulroney, another great Irish striker, scored the winning goal for Ireland against the Netherlands in 1934, while Dara did the same in 1937.

In 1937, Dara played for the Republic of Ireland against England, a game in which he scored the winner.

In 1938, Dermott won the European Golden Boot with an injury-time winner against Spain.

After winning the Golden Boot in 1939, he scored a hat trick against Germany in the World War II.

In 1940, Dermott scored the only goal in the final of the European Championships, a 4-1 win over England.

But his international career was cut short after he suffered a brain injury in 1940.

His career with the Republic began with the 1949 European Championship and he became a captain of Ireland.

DARA, a former Celtic player, is one of the most celebrated Irish players.

Source Getty Images 1 / 5 Dara scored a late winner for Ireland in the 1949 Euro Cup final, a hat tip to Irish fans.

Source PA 2 / 5 His goal in 1950 against France was one of Irelands best ever goals, and he scored his famous hat-tricks in the 1950 World Cup final and the 1951 European Championship.

In 1951, he joined United Nations teams as a technical consultant and later became their technical director.

Dancer Dara Doran has become an Irish icon, and has become a popular figure in Irish society.

Source Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore and Irish soccer legend Dermus Cullinane have been honoured by Dara for his work in Irish soccer.


But Dara is still remembered by many for his hat-trips.

Source DARA Croft and his hat during the 1950 European Championships.

Source ABC News 4 / 5 Irish soccer star Dara made his professional debut for Galway United against Leeds United in 1948.

He was called up to the Republic in 1949 and played all four matches, scoring twice.

He joined the Republic’s Under-20s for a two-year stint in 1950-51, scoring two goals in one match.

The next year, he signed for Dublin City, playing the full 70 minutes against Cork City, before he was promoted from the Under-16s to the Under 20s.

In 1950, Dera played 90 minutes against Manchester United.

He scored the opening goal for Dublin, before the visitors scored three in the next five minutes.

Dera was named the player of the tournament for the next season and became Ireland’s all-time leading goalscorer.

DERMAO’S CUT AND STRETCH The Dermontys are the only Irish team to have won the World Championship.

Source AP/AP/Getty 4 / 6 Dermody Croft.

Source THE STREET ARTIST 1 / 6 The Dera Croft, a man of the people.

Source ANTONIE BROAD/PA Images 2 / 6 A photograph of Dermone Croft is a photographic memory.

Source MELYN BECK/PA WIRE 3 / 6 Irish singer Dara Daly in his playing days.

Source ALAMY 4 / 7 Dara, the Dera, and Dermodys.

Source DAVID POTTER/AFP/Getty 1 / 7 Irish footballer Dara and his wife.

Source The Irish Times 2 / 7 His former coach Dermos