Why is the stock market so depressed?

When stocks were high, investors were making money.But as the markets sank, investors are having trouble making money as well.That’s because they’re struggling to meet their monthly obligations, which makes them more expensive to hold.In the past few months, the markets have shed more than $2 trillion from their value, a number that includes a […]

When is your best bet?

Engadge article The best thing to do is not wait until you are really ready. In the last two years, I have taken on a number of small jobs as part of my professional life.In many ways, this has been a more difficult journey than I anticipated. But, it’s not all about the work. I still work full-time […]

The Biggest Stocks You Shouldn’t Buy This Year

5.5% interest on the purchase price of an investment portfolio with a long-term investment rate of 3% or less, and 10% or more on the annual rate of return.This means a portfolio of $500,000 or more would require a portfolio with annual returns of 3.5%.This is a great investment if you have a long term […]